Our Founder

Monika Potts, the founder of SweetlyRecycled  TM , is originally from EL Paso, TX. She moved to Dallas and Albuquerque to continue her education in both design and management. Monika’s education lead her to several exciting management opportunities with some of America’s most dynamic and well-known retailers. Companies whose culture was focused on delivering world class service at every level of the shopping and buying experience to the end consumer. Many of these jobs gave her opportunity to train employees to develop the skills to work at all levels of customer satisfaction and targeting retail excellence. However, few gave her the opportunity to express her own creative tendencies which were often suppressed by the need for big retailer uniformity. None the less, those same opportunities also offered her a bird’s eye view of some of the most successful product launches in retail history.

Being personally concerned about high levels of customer satisfaction and what made the shopping and buying experience a delightful and memorable event are lessons that Monika has internalized. She decided to launch a small home based business with many of the values she had learned from her retail experiences. This bold move would also allow her to spend more time with her own family, especially her two children during their most formative years. She has used this time to develop a line of gifts that would allow her to express her own creative side, while simultaneously focusing on products that would help to eliminate refuse from the world’s landfills, by giving new life to frequently discarded items.

Monika knows that no one in the shopping and buying experience is more important than the customer, as such, she would prefer to refer to you as a Guest or Friend. Please enjoy your time shopping with us and feel free to visit us any time you like. We look forward to your visit today, tomorrow and months from now!