When I started Sweetly Recycled back in 2010, my goal was to find an income stream that would allow me to continue caring for my children. I needed that flexibility as a mom!

This was a bold move but I was fortunate to have the support of my family in exploring creative ideas and making a business out of it. I wanted to use items that could be given a new life rather than be discarded. With time, I developed a line of products that are eco conscious and appeal to like-minded individuals who care deeply about the environment.

Throughout the first years there was a lot of trial and error, owning my own business was a learning curve all on its own, there were long days of hard work and dedication but determination instilled in me by my grandparents and my mother kept me going. Farmers Markets and Craft Shows set the stage for Sweetly Recycled products and we started getting our name out there, those were many weekends spent getting to know our customers directly.

As we started making a name for ourselves, we were approached by local businesses about making our products available for wholesale. Expanding our client base allowed us to grow from a small studio in my home to our current production space and warehouse in Carrollton, TX. We are so lucky to have local and community support, we are forever grateful!

Moving into a bigger facility opened even more doors and really opened the floodgates for creation and expansion of the eco-conscious approach. The demand of recycled products has helped me grow and transition from gifts to a consumable product line with candles and custom cut glass. This is a whole new level to our ‘Reuse, refill, repeat’ motto.

We make products for our own brand, Rosewood & Grant, but we also create Private Label collections for our partners. Our products are available in our building, but can also be found in well-known gift shops, retailers, some online partners, restaurants and bars throughout Texas, to name a few.

Before you throw containers or bottles out, ask yourself – Can I reuse this? And help Sweetly Recycled in ‘Saving the planet one bottle at a time’ 🌎.


Monika Potts